[vgn] - vegan
[vg] - vegetarian
[gf] - gluten-free
[mf] - milk-free
Hamsa at your home
thanks to:
[vgn] - vegan
[vg] - vegetarian
[gf] - gluten-free
[mf] - milk-free
Hamsa at your home
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served till 1 p.m.
(at choice: americano, espresso, tea, fresh juice | 5,00)


shakshouka | 19,90

fried egg in aromatic peppers and tomatoes with onions, served in the pan, with warm laffa bread, tahini sauce and butter
(spinach/feta/goat cheese)  | 3,50

[vg, gf, mf, (vgn – egg-free)]


toasts from our home-made challah bread | 16,50

with home-made conserves: carrot and brandy, lemon and cardamon, butter and apple



Jerusalem breakfast | 19,00

laffa bread, olives, labneh cheese, israeli salad, scrambled eggs



Saturday buffet - eat heartily

Do you fancy a weekend breakfast? Drop in for a Middle Eastern buffet. Except for the regular menu, we offer weekly specialities!

On the menu, you can find:

muhammara | baba ganoush | hummus | mango hummus | labneh | vegetarian pea and Greek nuts paste | homemade marmalade | homemade granola with natural yoghurt or milk | shakshuka | scrambled eggs | olives | pepperoni peppers | fresh vegetables | cottage cheese


* Saturdays and Sundays 9 am-12 pm


portions (150g) served with laffa bread

hummus a la Abu Gosh | 14,90

classic hummus made with chickpeas, tahini sesame paste, lemon and garlic

[vg, vgn, gf, mf]


hummus from Maghreb | 15,90

hummus spiced with spicy harissa paste

[vg, vgn, gf, lf]


hummus from Akko  | 16,20

hummus with roasted pine nuts and juicy pomegranate

[vg, vgn, gf, mf]


hummus with dried tomato | 16,20

hummus with dried tomato and fresh basil

[vg, vgn, gf, mf]


hummus with mango and cranberry | 16,20

hummus with fresh mango and cranberry sauce

[vg, vgn, gf, mf]


lemon puree | 15,50

red lentils lemon puree and rice with shallots, coriander, red pepper and mint

[vg, vgn, mf]


falafel | 14,90

dried-fried balls of chickpeas

[vg, vgn, mf]


labneh with za’atar | 17,90

balls of ripe labneh coated in za’atar and marinated in olive with fresh herbs

[vg, gf]


jibneh | 16,90

fried cheese with nigella



babaganoush | 17,20

dip made with eggplant roasted over a flame, tahini sesame paste, garlic and coriander

[vg, vgn, mf, gf]


muhammara | 17,20

thick roasted walnuts dip, grilled pepper with pomegranate treacle and spicy pepper from Aleppo

[vg, vgn, mf]


hummus with hot highland lamb meat | 25,90

(not included in the set)

small | 45,40

2-3 people

your own composition of 3 mezzes, laffa bread, vegetables, olives

small | 45,40

2-3 people

your own composition of 3 mezzes, laffa bread, vegetables, olives

large | 122,40

7-9 people

your own composition of 3 mezzes, laffa bread, vegetables, olives


orange salad | 17,50

rucola, oranges, pomegranate, walnut, dates sauce

[vg, vgn, mf, gf]


salad with sweet potatoes and cheese | 26,80

red grapefruit, roasted pumpkin seeds, roasted almonds, pomegranate treacle sauce


tabbouleh | 18,90

green salad tabbouleh based on parsley and bulgur, served with tomatoes and green peppers, fresh mint, pomegranate and lemon juice

[vg, vgn, mf]


green soup | 13,90

vegan broth with the addition of celery, potatoes, onions, green pepper, leek and rice

[vgn, mf]


harira | 18,80

warming Moroccan soup with chickpeas. beef and orzo pasta



chreime | 20,90

thisk spicy fish soup with cod pieces, from North African Jews cuisine

[gf, mf]


tagine with clementines | 61,90

*portion for two
chicken with clementines, fennel, cane sugar, mustard and orange juice, served with bulgur and salad



israeli shish kebab | 37,80

grilled chicken legs marinated in lemon, served with laffa bread or bread or bulgur and salad

[mf – with tahini sesame paste, gf – without laffa bread and bulgur]


Israeli kebab | 39,80

grilled beef, coriander and onion, served with laffa bread or bulgur and salad

[gf – without laffa bread]


roast beef | 51,80

marinated in baharat served with baked potato and salad


kefta lamb |  64,90

*portion for two
spicy minced lamb meat balls cooked in tagine with cumin, mint, coriander and cinnamon on a thick sause, served with laffa bread and salad

[gf – without laffa bread]


pastrami |  49,80
classic: cheddar cheese, pickled gherkins, onions, mustard, pastrami meat

reuben sandwich: swiss cheese, sauerkraut, mayonaise, pastrami meat


stir-fry | 31,70

bulgur with dried tomatoes, french spinach, feta cheese, onion and pumpkin seeds



burek with spinach | 26,40

stuffed filo cake with spinach and feta


burek with eggplant | 26,90

stuffed filo cake with eggplant and feta


trout with tomatoes | 13,00 /100g + 16,30 extras (potatoes + salad)

tomatoes with parsley, fresh mint, basil, served with roasted potatoes in herbs and vegetables



stuffed gilthead | 18,90 /100g + 14,00 extras (potatoes + salad)

stuffed sea bream, walnuts, tahina, garlic, parsley, cumin, served with roasted potatoes in herbs and vegetables



Middle Eastern chocolate cake | 12,60

cake with richly chocolate taste with cardamon and rose water, served with cinnamon whipped cream



knafeh | 13,80

palestinian dessert made with thin strands of kadayif cake, rose water, nabulsi cheese, atar and saffron, served warm


malabi | 13,60

milky dessert popular in Israel with fresh vanilla and orange water, served cold


baklava | 15,20

levantine sweet dessert, phyllo cake with nuts, served in three small pieces